Simplifying Search Engine Optimisation

Simplifying Search Engine Optimisation

I have been working in the SEO business for nearly 5 years now. To some I am only a young pup, but I must say the results we get from our Search Engine Optimisation efforts speak for themselves.

When you work in this area of Search Engine Optimisation you tend to network with other Search Engine Optimisation professionals and stay tuned with the newest SEO waves or updates from Google. You also socialize with other Search Engine Optimisation experts in blogs and the forums.

I’d like to state my concern with the amount of complexity added to the issue of SEO. About 80% of information on SEO out there’s complicated and not too shallow, with an awful lot of opinions.

Like any technology or methodology, people are looking for usability. They need something which creates an effect, works or makes a difference. This st albans SEO same concept applies to SEO.

Using a technology demands sticking with the basics of that technology. If you sift through the thousands of available “sources” you can usually locate the actual source, and this is the advice and process one should use when working out how to go about it. That is the ideal way to learn and implement anything.

I find it amazing how some SEO experts throw their opinions out on their high powered blogs, simply to confuse another thousand Search Engine Optimisation pros.

It’s so laughable to watch, and it goes like this:

SEO Expert Joe, should get “green carrots” on page 1 of Google for a client.

He could be working on it for months, bookmarking, social networks, links etc.

After 2-3 months he takes a step back and looks at his visitor and keyword stats. Not much change, he simply isn’t getting the results and his client is starting to wonder.

Abruptly he understands that things may be boosted by a trendy video on YouTube up and get’s this produced an on-line.

It is amazing, it worked and the client is all happy.

Oops. He just mentioned “green carrots” once and still got a page 1 result. This strikes him as unfamiliar and it seems to break everything he learned in SEO about page optimisation.

What occurs next is interesting. The SEO specialist determines this is experience and invaluable advice. He’s got merely seen the subsequent new search rule in play, which should be shared with anyone doing SEO:

“Google is no more giving any value to keyword density. This plays no part in SEO.”

He is not incredibly uncertain of his findings and due to his experience, writes a pleasant 1000 word post about it. Now he has kudos for finding this out before anyone else.

This is incredibly frustrating for anyone who wants to learn the subject of SEO and sometimes even old school SEO professionals. And is due to this short-sightedness the net is filled with millions of pages about SEO which would be better located in the junk.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not talking about the many very useful posts, tutorials and digests out there which can considerably help a SEO expert to get his job done quicker. I’m talking about those individuals who create their own interpretations of what’s a legitimate and extremely accurate technology – SEO.